Value Added Benefit: Pattison Outdoor Advertising

Own the streets of Medicine Hat with Pattison Outdoor! Save 50% off or more on transit signs, bus shelters & horizontal billboards. Advertising contracts from only 4 weeks to 1 year. Savings starting at $900 up to $2650! Also as an added bonus; if 52 weeks are purchased, production costs are covered for 3 creative changes within the 1 year time period.

Alberta Carbon Offset Program and Unharvested Crops

Producers currently involved in, or who wish to participate in, the Alberta Carbon Offset Program – Conservation Tillage Protocol may have unfavourable field conditions left by unharvested crops or wet fall and spring conditions. Tillage may be the only option to deal with issues such as ruts left in the field or fire breaks.

“If you till 10 per cent or more of your field, that field won’t be eligible to receive carbon offsets for the year that you tilled,” says Paul Jungnitsch, greenhouse gas offset agrologist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “It will not affect fields that you have not tilled. You will be eligible again in the following year if you continue to direct seed.” 

According to the Conservation Cropping Protocol, discretionary tillage operations of up to 10 per cent of that field (excluding sloughs, waterways, buildings, and forested areas) may be worked to address field specific management issues, such as ruts caused by wet field conditions or fire breaks. All tillage must be documented and the area estimated with this information disclosed in project documentation. 

“When you do your reporting, be aware that your field may be subjected to an audit. If reported incorrectly, it can affect your carbon offsets as well as those of other farms as they have to be aggregated together into a project.”

Burning a field will not disqualify the field, unless the fire break 10 per cent or more of the workable acres.

“Keep in mind that carbon offsets are currently paying around $0.75 to $1.50/acre depending on your location,” says Jungnitsch. “You won’t want to reduce the size of your fire break just to earn carbon offsets. If your fire becomes out of control, the costs can be extensive. If your fire break is 10 per cent or over, report it. You will not be able to claim that field for that year, but will be eligible the following year if you continue to direct seed.”

The new vertical tillage units have caused some confusion. Because there are so many variations when it comes to equipment and settings within the units themselves, vertical tillage is usually treated as a regular tillage unit. Jungnitsch recommends checking with the aggregation company to make sure that is what they are doing.

“Tools such as the Alberta Soil Information Viewer can help estimate the area that was tilled. You can click on your field and use the measuring function to determine your area.”

The information contained in this article is the interpretation of AF. Offset projects must comply with the most recent quantification protocols and program requirements published by Alberta Environment and Parks, who manage Alberta’s carbon offset system. For more information contact the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

News We're Following for the Week of May 23 - 26, 2017

Member to Member (M2M) Discount: Merle Norman

Grad season! Wedding season! Merle Norman can help you look your best. Receive 10% off services with your M2M discount.

City of Medicine Hat: West Boundary Road Upgrade

The City of Medicine Hat is continuing construction activities on West Boundary Road with completion anticipated by mid June, 2017. The work includes rebuilding the road structure and resurfacing the two lanes between Box Springs Boulevard and Broadway Avenue. During construction this portion of the road will be open to local traffic only. Watch for signs, message boards and flag persons directing traffic to alternate routes. Motorists are reminded to obey all posted signs and detours. If you have any questions or concerns contact: Municipal Works, City of Medicine Hat, (403) 529-8177.

Member News: Past President of the Chamber, Chris Hellman, Acknowledged with a Statement from Members on Parliament Hill

On May 12, 2017 Glen Motz, MP for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner stood in the House of Commons and acknowledged Chamber of Commerce, Past President, Chris Hellman for all his contributions and generosity to his community. Thank you for all the work you and Tracy Hellman do to make Medicine Hat a great place to live and work! To watch the Statement click here.

5 Minutes for Business: Fast and Furious - Negotiating NAFTA

Now that the Trump administration has notified Congress that it plans to renegotiate NAFTA, in this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, Hendrik Brakel, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Senior Director, Economic, Financial and Tax Policy, considers what will happen over the 90-day consultation period and whether it's possible to renegotiate NAFTA within the next 18 months. Canada, Mexico and the U.S. want NAFTA 2.0 wrapped up right away. Read this edition of 5 Minutes for Business to find out if Hendrik believes politics will get in the way of negotiating a better, modern deal that will benefit Canadian businesses.

Last Thursday, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce issued a media release in reaction to the U.S. Administration triggering the negotiation of NAFTA. Click here to read the release.

Business Beat: Overcoming obstacles in your business

A friend of mine just returned from an athletic race in Kalispell, Mont. The Montana Spartan Beast is a trial of strength, endurance and resolve, and it attracts competitors willing to test their limits and push past them in a quest to find their personal best. Over the course of a gruelling four hours and 15 minutes my friend conquered a dozen miles and more than 30 difficult obstacles.She described one of them to me: A high wall, at an angle that you had to run at and try to get some traction to get up before finally grabbing a small rope and climbing over. It was one of her toughest challenges, and the first time she ran at it she got scared and slowed down. She finally made it over on the fourth try, an accomplishment she saw as possible only because she put her mind to it and refused to give up. She was rewarded for her perseverance; at the top, a kind stranger waited and grabbed her hand to help her over. Business leaders and entrepreneurs face obstacles too.Just like running in a marathon competition, running a business will leave you facing challenges that require commitment and ingenuity.What can business leaders and entrepreneurs do to overcome the obstacles they face, and what can we learn from the marathon athlete? Read more...

New Member: RenoVisions Contracting

As a local leader in Medicine Hat Home Renovation, Home Improvements and Home Repair services, RenoVisions Contracting makes it easy to update your home at a price that’s easy to afford. My name is Phil Scott and I own and operate RenoVisions Contracting here in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I’m one of those rare individuals who was actually brought up in Medicine Hat. I live here in the Hat with my wife, two grown boys and, somehow, am now a (very young!) grandfather. I’ve always worked with my hands. There’s something very satisfying about having a vision of the way something should be created and then making that vision a reality. That’s what I do every day. Make homeowners dreams come true. And I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We take care of everything from your free quotation to completion, including all permits and approvals. We guarantee workmanship you can trust – and guarantee quotes that you can bank on! In short, our reputation has been built on trust, honesty, value for money and our knowledgeable down to earth approach as to how we conduct our business.

New Member: The Brilliant Baby Bump

The Brilliant Baby Bump provides education and products for women's pelvic health.