Public Roads Bylaw Information Sessions

The City of Medicine Hat’s Municipal Works Department will be holding two Information Sessions regarding the proposed Public Roads Bylaw. Currently, the use of streets in the city is governed primarily by Streets Bylaw (No. 1556) and control/regulation of traffic by Traffic Bylaw (No. 2434). The proposed Public Roads Bylaw has been created by consolidating the two existing bylaws.  Some new provisions have been introduced while others have been amended or updated to regulate road usage under the City’s jurisdiction. Information sessions will take place on Tuesday, May 2 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Family Leisure Centre located at 2000 Division Avenue N and Thursday, May 4 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Helen Beny Gibson Lounge at City Hall (1st Floor) located at 580 First Street SE. Comments are welcome at either drop-in session. For further information contact: Municipal Works, City of Medicine Hat, (403) 529-8177.

News We're Following for the Week of April 24 - 28, 2017

Are You Self Employed? Know Your Tax Obligations

As a self-employed person, you and your spouse or common-law partner have until midnight on Thursday, June 15, 2017, to file your 2016 income tax and benefit returns. The legislated date for paying an income tax balance owing is April 30. Since that date is a Sunday in 2017, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will consider your full payment as made on time if the CRA receives your payment by midnight on May 1 or if your submission with the payment is postmarked no later than that date. If you have amounts owing and the CRA receives your return after the June 15 deadline, the CRA may charge you a late-filing penalty. For more small business and self employed tax information click here.

Input Sought on Next Agricultural Policy Framework

Alberta is currently working with the federal government, other provinces and territories to develop a new five-year framework to replace the current Growing Forward 2 agreement, which expires at the end of March in 2018. Wendy McCormick, director of Growing Forward with Alberta Agriculture, encourages Albertans, both those in the agriculture industry and those not in the industry, to participate in an online survey. The survey will be open for responses until May 8, 2017. For further information listen to the Call of the Land interview.

Business Beat: Understanding your credit score

What is your credit score? If you don’t know, you may be at risk of being refused credit, paying higher interest rates or being considered a high risk by banks, employers or others who have access to credit rating files. If you have a credit card, a line of credit, a car loan, or a cell phone account, you have a credit history and it is being recorded in an accessible report by credit reporting agencies, such as Equifax and TransUnion. These credit reporting agencies collect information on your ongoing use of credit and your repayment of debt. As you borrow, utilize credit and make payments, you will be assigned something called a “credit score”, or in the case of Equifax a “beacon score.”

A credit score is a numerical scoring measurement of an individual’s use of credit, specifically repayment of debt. A higher score would indicate a borrower has better management of their consumer debt while a lower score would indicate poor management of consumer debt. There are several factors that can affect your credit score, for example, whether you pay your debts on time, the total amounts that you owe, delinquent payments, collections that may have been filed against you or limits that have been exceeded or “maxed out.” As a note, mortgage debts are not reported or recorded on a credit file in Alberta.

If you are applying for any type of financing, personal or commercial, you should know that lenders will want to see your credit report. You will need to provide permission to the bank, financing institution or lender to allow them to access your credit report, at the time of your application. Once the credit report is retrieved, your history will be carefully reviewed to determine whether the lender will consider financing or not. Take the time to understand how you can achieve and maintain the best credit score. When it is time for you to apply for financing, it should allow you to access the best rates. Read More...

New Member: White Rabbit Tattoo Collective

White Rabbit Tattoo Collective is a collective group of artists that alternate working in studio. Our studio space is used by tattoo artists who choose to work as either a guest artist or on a semi-permanent rotation, depending on differing artists' schedules. We choose to celebrate artists for their individuality and wish to promote positive networking and support to all artists in our community, artists from other shops across Canada, and even those around the world!

Improving Flood Resilience in Southeast Alberta

The Government of Alberta is investing $2.1 million to help Medicine hat and neighbouring communities boost flood readiness. Four provincial grants are part of the $63 million earmarked in Budget 2017 to help Alberta communities and organizations adapt to severe weather events and a changing climate. Medicine Hat will receive $774,000 through the Alberta Community Resilience Program to improve the Pumphouse #12 water intake facility to safeguard water intake during high water events. The improvements will also ensure the City’s power plant remains operational during flooding. Cypress County will receive a grant of $923,400 to relocate its only water pump station out of the flood hazard area, ensuring safe drinking water for the community of Veinerville. The province is also investing $378,000 in non-structural flood and drought resiliency projects to improve natural watershed functions along Seven Persons Creek and in the County of Warner. Funding for both projects is provided through the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program. Read more...

New Member: Neubauer Farms

Neubauer Farms, owned and operated by Mark and Nichole Neubauer, is a mixed farming operation located just outside of the city of Medicine Hat. We grow cereals, oilseeds, forage and raise beef cattle. Mark and Nichole own and operate the original Neubauer Family Century farm. This farm was established north of Irvine, Alberta in 1910. We are very proud to say that this land has only ever been owned and farmed by members of the Neubauer family. In 2016, The Neubauer’s were honoured to receive the BMO Farm Family of the Year Award. This awards program is devoted to promoting renewed urban/rural relationships. It is given to Southern Alberta farm families who best typify the value of the family farm to our society.

South Railway Street Construction Set to Begin

Medicine Hat South Railway Construction Project Update

Downtown Project:
Please note that on Sunday April 23 barricades were set in place at the 2nd St intersection and 200 block which is closed to traffic. Signs will be in place. The contractor will be in touch with nearby businesses during the week about work being carried out.

South Flats Project:
On Monday, April 24 the Factory Street intersection by South Railway Street is closed. There will be minimal impact to traffic on South Railway Street. Additional traffic accommodation will be in place later next week.

We ask that everyone obey all traffic signs and drive safely around work crews, and thank you for your patience. Please visit the website for more information.

For more information contact:
South Railway Street – Downtown
Environmental Utilities Department: 403.529.8176

South Railway Street – South Flats
Municipal Works Department 403.529.8177

New Member: Pet Valu Crescent Heights

Pet Valu now has a 2nd location open in Crescent Heights! At Pet Valu we understand that your pet is a part of the family, because we’re pet parents too. You will find a great selection of pet food, treats, toys and accessories, all at competitive prices. Stop in today for all your pet's needs!