New Member: Trican Well Services

Trican Well Services is Canada’s largest well service company built upon a foundation of solid corporate values and a culture of innovation. At Trican, we believe success begins with our people, as our name and rep.

NAFTA Talks Pass Round 6 Test, But Much Work Remains, Says Canadian Chamber

NAFTA talks have passed the crucial round 6 test as the three countries moved closer towards a renewed and modernized agreement over the past week. However, much work remains to be done to achieve a positive result for North America’s businesses, says the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “We’re encouraged that all three countries’ representatives reported progress toward a modernized agreement,” said the Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “However, the work is far from over, including on several key issues, and there is still no guarantee of success. We urge all three governments to focus on preserving and strengthening this important agreement. Our goal must be a North America that is more competitive, more prosperous and more successful for all our citizens.” Read More

Business Beat: Four Ways An Effective Marketing Plan Can Help Your Business Win

Your marketing plan is an essential tool to helping you reach your business goals. It will be the roadmap you follow to determine what actions you will take to reach your customers and how you will continually assess and evaluate the overall effectiveness of your marketing activities. The Community Futures office of Medicine Hat has recently added a marketing support service to assist entrepreneurs and existing businesses in our region develop an effective marketing plan. If you are struggling to generate sales, it might be time to seek out guidance on how to create and follow a marketing plan. Here are four ways that an effective marketing plan can help you succeed in business Read More

Member News: Carpet One is now Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home

Ready to change your Medicine Hat home from the floor, up? Fortunately, revamping your home’s flooring is easy thanks to Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home. As a member of one the world’s largest buying groups, we save money on flooring from the biggest brands, mills, and manufacturers and pass those savings right to you. We make it our goal to provide you with the best flooring choices accompanied by the best service available, all the way from beginning to end.

Canadian Chamber Welcomes Announcement on Renewed Pacific Trade Agreement

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce welcomes news that an agreement has been reached in Tokyo to secure Canada's continued participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber said "... the fact that these eleven countries are committed to taking down trade barriers provides a powerful and positive message about the future of global trade.” Asia Pacific, the fastest growing region in the world, presents new opportunities for Canada and our engagement is vital for our trade-dependent nation. Free trade is a vital engine for growth. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce continues to encourage the Canadian government to work towards an agreement that benefits the Canadian economy, mindful of those sectors and regions that might be adversely affected. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting businesses and government to make the CPTPP a success.

Business Tax Information for the Upcoming Tax Season

With tax season just around the corner here is some important information and resources to keep in mind:

Sometimes you might disagree with your tax assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It may be because you think it's wrong, you noticed information is missing, or you were assessed by the CRA because you didn't respond to a notice to complete a tax return. Choosing the right course of action helps to ensure your issue gets resolved quicker, saving you time and money. Here are some guidelines to help find the best solution for your situation. 

Employers have many obligations, including remitting payroll deductions, corporate income taxes and goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST). For information on how to stay up-to-date on your payroll obligations click here.

If you are interested in free in-person guidance to help you understand and meet your tax obligations the CRA is now accepting requests for visits and seminars from unincorporated small businesses across Canada. Click here for more information.

New Member: THRIVE Medicine Hat & Southeastern Alberta Society

THRIVE is tasked with finding meaningful and impactful ways to end poverty and increase well being in Medicine Hat and region by 2030.

Federal Carbon Pricing Bill: What Is It and How Will It Impact Business?

The federal government has released its long-awaited draft legislation on the federal carbon pricing regime. Provinces and territories must put into place carbon systems that meet certain criteria, called a "benchmark". For those jurisdictions that do not meet these criteria, the federal government will impose its own carbon pricing regime - referred to as a "backstop". The backstop has two parts. First, the carbon levy that distributors of fuel will have to pay. It won't be charged at the pump, although it will increase the price of natural gas and petroleum and, in some places, electricity. Second, is a separate regulation that will only apply to facilities that emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. Read More

New Member: Weatherwood Events

Weatherwood Events is an event planning company. Planning, decorating and coordinating business, personal, and wedding events. Certified through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. I love local business and pull from every resource that I can when executing any event. Weatherwood Event's goal is to allow every client to feel that the event reflects their goals and dreams, and that they are able to "have their event and enjoy it to."

Canadian Chamber Reacts to Creation of Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has been at the forefront of the discussion on Canadian businesses' social responsibility in Canada and abroad. We believe good conduct is not only ethical but is good business practice and an important part of the Canadian brand. As our members invest in communities and create jobs all over the world, they have implemented numerous stringent initiatives on a variety of issues including business conduct overseas, the duty to consult with indigenous peoples and reducing emissions to combat climate changes. These initiatives have been part of an ongoing conversation led by the Canadian Chamber between businesses and governments. Read More