Provincial Government Negotiating for More Rail Capacity

Premier Rachel Notley announced that Alberta has started negotiations for an investment in new rail capacity to help reduce the high oil price gap. The differential is robbing the national economy of more than $80 million a day, due to a lack of pipeline capacity. Alberta’s goal is to create enough new rail capacity to move 120,000 barrels a day out of the province to markets where our oil can earn the best value possible for three years, starting late 2019. The goal is to narrow the oil price gap by up to $4 per barrel and provide smaller producers with a more affordable option to move their oil to market. Read More

New Member: Pita Pit - Dunmore Road Location

PITA PIT CATERS TO YOU! If you like food that’s as good for you as it is delicious, you already know that Pita Pit caters to you. What you may not know is that we actually cater… events, meetings, parties, you name it, we’ll cater it. You can arrange to pick up, or we’ll even deliver it right to you!

Province Announces Community Generation Program

Community generation refers to renewable and alternative energy that is distribution system-connected and provides benefits to communities. Community generation allows communities and citizens to directly participate in energy projects through full or partial ownership of the projects. Participation in community generation projects gives Albertans the ability to access renewable energy and generate revenue by selling electricity to the grid. Read More

Mandatory Reporting of Breaches of Security Required from Businesses

Large and small business are subject to PIPEDA requirements to report and notify breaches of security safeguards that pose a real risk of significant harm, and to keep records of all breaches of security safeguards. A breach of security safeguards is defined as the loss of, unauthorized access to or unauthorized disclosure of personal information resulting from a breach of an organization's security safeguards that are referred to in clause 4.7 of Schedule 1 of PIPEDA, or from a failure to establish those safeguards. Read More

Managing Risk with Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

Keeping current with technology and security is an ever-evolving process for the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (AEFP). The online platform that helps Alberta farmers manage environmental risk across the province now has an updated look and functionality.With farmers using technology in all aspects of their business, the platform must be easy to use. While most of the content will remain the same, the platform will see improved mobile functionality, an updated look for the platform and improving contact with AEFP’s 50+ technicians across the province. Read More

Policy Update: Auditor General's Report re: Broadband Connectivity

As the digital economy grows and businesses embrace new technologies and platforms, it is critical that communities across Canada have access to reliable broadband internet if they want to take advantage of these powerful new tools and compete in the global economy. However, with our unique geographical challenges, many rural and remote areas of Canada haven’t seen the level of investment in fibre broadband and LTE mobile connectivity that would allow them to take full advantage of these new technologies. Read More

New Member: Soft Spray Carwash

Medicine Hat's oldest original car wash has been made new again! Soft Spray Carwash, under new family ownership... freshly renovated and ready to wash your car, truck , RV, semi, and more we welcome back those who have washed here in past years and all of our new customers!

Business Beat: Celebrating Our Legacy

The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce hosted our Presidents’ Reception on Tuesday, November 27th in order to recognize our members and those who have been involved in our Chamber over the years. As we look at the amazing contributions of both members and Directors over the years, we recognize that we have inherited a rich legacy that has made a mark on our community since 1900. This annual event provided us the opportunity to celebrate this legacy, while also highlighting our accomplishments over the past year and our focus for the upcoming year. Read More

Reconciliation on Bay Street featuring Hon. Perrin Beatty

Respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples is good for business and Canada's competitiveness.  Our President and CEO, Hon. Perrin Beatty, appears in the documentary Reconciliation on Bay Street (8:18 and 25:45).  While business is often ahead of government in reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, Canadian business - and all Canadians - can do better.
This document is available free to the public until November 30. To watch, click here.

Member News: Holiday Inn Express Medicine Hat Unveils Hotel Renovations

Holiday Inn Express Medicine Hat unveils striking hotel renovations with re-imagined public spaces, refreshed guest rooms- Re-establishing itself as one of the modern and efficient hotels in Medicine Hat. The hotel is pleased to announce opening of contemporary accommodations at Strachan Bay, off Trans Canada Highway. Read More