Data Fast Forward: A Prescription for Innovation, Balance and Trust

Data is now the engine of economic growth and prosperity. Countries that promote data's availabiility for societal good and economic development will lead the fourth industrial revolution and give their citizens a better quality of life. In this final part of a three part series from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, a prescription for keeping the innovation door open and recognizing the need to rebuild trust in the online environment is laid out. Access the full report here.

Apply for Summer Student Funding Now

Deadlines are approaching for employers to get in their funding requests for summer hiring. The STEP program and the Canada Summer Jobs program both supply assistance to employers who are looking to hire youth during the summer. Apply for the Canada Summer Jobs program by January 25, 2019. STEP applications will be accepted until February 8, 2019. 

New Member: DB Technology Group

DB Technology Group is a Xerox Authorized Agency, as such we are a full service provider of Office & Production Equipment, Supplies and Managed Print Services.

Results From City's Road Safety Survey Revealed

Almost 300 residents completed the City’s Road Safety Survey over the past month, providing close to 1,000 individual comments and suggestions focusing on various road safety issues. Watch for future road safety messages and contests to begin this week on the City’s social media channels as the 2019 Road Safety Campaign begins. Read More

Your Feedback Needed on Hiring Newcomers

The Rural Development Institute and Brandon University are looking for feedback on the motivation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in hiring newcomers. The project aims to understand employer perspectives and motivations in the practice of hiring newcomers (landed immigrants who came to Canada within the last five years) and seeks to inform public policies from employer perspectives, in order to encourage the employment of newcomers across the prairies. Take this ten minute survey here by January 31, 2019. If you require more information contact [email protected] or [email protected].

New Member: RBC Crestwood

RBC Crestwood has proudly been serving the community for more than 40 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff happily provide advice in all areas of personal and business finances. With experts in banking, financing, investing, financial planning, mortgages, business banking and business financing we are able to work as 1 RBC to help you meet all of your financial goals. We will always earn the right to be our client’s first choice through advice and excellent customer service throughout any of our locations. RBC is proud to be a good corporate citizen. Since 1995 RBC has been a premier sponsor of Hockey Canada, RBC proudly supports golf around the world through high profile relationships with the PGA TOUR and Golf Canada, and RBC has been supporting Olympic athletes since 1947. As well as funding and programs for emerging artists, youth, aboriginal people, we also have a 10 year global charitable commitment to the RBC Blue Water Project. More than just a bank we pride ourselves on being active members of our community as well. You will find many of our staff volunteering throughout the community to help Medicine Hat be the strong vibrant community we are.

New Member: Lucky's Speed Sauce Inc.

Small craft batches of caesar sauce made in Medicine Hat. Simply add 1/2 an ounce of sauce, 1 oz of alcohol (vodka, gin, etc) etc. and clam makes the PERFECT Caesar. Rev up your caesar with Lucky's Speed Sauce!

Business Beat: Craft Malt and Hops Opportunities Ready for the Taking in Medicine Hat

At last count, Alberta was home to 80 breweries and 24 distilleries, with many more in various stages of planning and commissioning. As the province’s brewers and distillers look to differentiate their offering, they are turning to local ingredient suppliers to help their product stand out on crowded store shelves. “We try to get as local as we can,” says Kaiden Vancuren, general manager of sales at Medicine Hat Brewing Company. “It’s nice to get ingredients from a couple hundred kilometres away instead of a couple thousand.” Indeed, the rise of Alberta’s craft alcohol industry presents entrepreneurs with two new business opportunities worth considering: malt and hops. Read More

New Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

New regulations will take effect on January 15, 2019, under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. Under the new regulations businesses that import food or prepare food for export or to be sent across provincial or territorial boundaries, require a license and need to meet requirements for preventive controls that may depending on type of food and size of business, be phased in over time. In addition, food businesses are required to maintain a preventive control plan if their gross annual food revenues are over $100,000.  A written plan is not required for some businesses with gross annual sales of $100,000 or less, but they must still have preventive controls in place (such as sanitation and pest control measures); and keep clear and complete traceability records that show where food came from (the supplier) and to whom it was sold. If you would like to know how these regulations will effect you get the Toolkit for Businesses. More information on these regulations can be found on the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations website.

New Member: Paradise Hill Farm

Paradise Hill Farm tomatoes are an exceptional example of how a tomato is supposed to look and taste. They really do taste just like the ones from Grandma's garden or your local farmers market. That's because we put a lot of care into growing and picking our tomatoes, with an emphasis on taste, freshness, and quality. Our fresh basil will add a unique spin to many of your kitchen creations, and with its roots still attached it will maintain maximum freshness all the way to your plate! We raise purebred lamb and breeding stock with the same passion and focus that we put into producing local, fresh, great tasting, and all natural tomatoes and basil.